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Does chewing gum give you a better jawline?

Chewing gum for jawline

There have been many rumors circulating around about chewing gum for developing your jawline. People on Tik Tok and Instagram have been promoting it relentlessly for the last few months. But will chewing gum help your jawline? 

Will chewing gum help your Jawline?

The short answer is yes! A lot of people have actually done it! It has actually been a long-lasting Hollywood "look better fast" hack. Chewing gum, especially hard gum, will actually make your face more defined and angular. This is my transformation from using chewing gum with the intention to grow my jawline.

Does chewing gum give you a better jawline?As you can see, the results are quite noticeable!

How does chewing gum help your jawline?

That is a valid question. What is the mechanism at play here? Well, it's simple! Your jaw is meant for chewing. And to perform said action, your jaw has to move. The muscles that move the jaw are called "masseter muscles". They sit on the sides of your jawline (in the red circles above) and are activated while chewing. So just like any other muscle, if you want your masseters to pop out and give you an angular face, you have to train them! The bigger they get, the more your jawline will achieve the 3D effect shown above.

How do you train them? Your masseter (chewing) muscles are trained by chewing. The more and the harder you chew, the bigger they get. So what do you do? You start chewing. And if you really want to see results, you have to be consistent with it. For reference, our ancestors chewed for 4~6 hours/day. That's where the gum comes in😉.

How to use chewing gum to grow your jawline?

Well, you chew it! You chew for progressively more time every day (start with 15-20 minutes) and go up to however much time you feel comfortable with (I chew for ~2hrs a day). The other thing to do is chew with more intensity. Normal gum will soon provide you too little resistance for your jawline muscles, which are designed to produce up to 200 pounds of force. It's then that you are going to start searching for a gum with a tougher consistency (hard gum). So, which is the best chewing gum for your Jawline?

What is the best chewing gum for your jawline?

The short answer: Mastic gum. Mastic gum is a natural, untreated gum, produced by the tree Pistacia Lentiscus, local to Chios Greece. It comes in form of little crystals, and its main benefit is how hard it is. Mastic gum is the epitome of hard gum, as it is 8-11 times harder than regular gum! You can find more information about the different kinds of hard gum here.

Mastic gum crystals.

Conclusion-Chewing gum for Jawline:

Will chewing gum help the jawline? YES. Chewing gum is an extremely potent tool in your jawline development journey. The gum of choice for me was Mastic gum, and I chewed for ~2 hrs/day. I will leave you with a Before and after, wish you the best, Theo.Chewing gum for jawline before and after

My 6 months transformation💪!

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