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Why you are miserable :) - Self improvement

Why is self improvement not working?

self improvement not working

At this point you know what to do. You have watched countless hours of self improvement videos. Read hundreds of “make your life better” posts, you have bought all the supplements. Then why are you not winning yet??


The problem with self improvement

Its simple. Even though the cerebral part of your brain understands that struggle is good for you, and even though you introduced discomfort into your life (gym, side-hustle, martial arts…), you still see them as boxes to be “ticked”.

You finally found the key to achieving everything and anything you want and your bitch ass treats it as a chore!

I have to go to the gym”
I have to work on my business”
I have to go talk to that girl”

It should be:

I GET to go to the gym”
I GET to work on my business”
I GET to go talk to that girl”

Being grateful, not lazy!

People learn about self improvement in their 60’s, after being divorced, fat and broke and they are still grateful. But you, you “hAvE” to work on yourself.

You GET to improve.

When you see everything as a box to be ticked you under perform. You do the bare minimum. What kind of loser has the opportunity to improve a lot but settles with a little? “jUsT sHoW uP bRo- iTs eNoUgH”


Every waking moment of your life ia a chance to push harder. I am going to give you an example from my everyday life.


I buy groceries and walk home. I will carry them in the most uncomfortable position possible. It may be holding them in a permanent hammer curl position, it might be holding all the bags with 1 finger. Is there a point to it? Will my bicep grow bigger? No. Its just another chance to harden my MIND. The point is I never leave an opportunity for discomfort escape me and neither should you.


Start embracing the struggle. Its the whole point of the exerciser.


You GET to improve.

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