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Achieve the Seductive Look of Hunter Eyes: Expert Tips and Tricks

What are Hunter Eyes

Hunter eyes are a type of eye appearance that is highly prized in certain circles, particularly among women. They are characterized by being vertically narrow, deeply set, hooded, and having a positive canthal tilt and an interpupil distance within the normal range. These features give the appearance of being predatory and dangerous. Hunter eyes are thought to be a sexually dimorphic trait, with men's eyes generally having a greater width-to-height ratio than women's, which tend to be rounder. Despite this, hunter eyes are also seen as attractive in women and may be associated with perceptions of greater sexual availability. 

Are Hunter Eyes a sexually dimorphic trait?


In addition to being considered attractive, hunter eyes are also a sexually dimorphic trait, meaning they are more common in one sex than the other. In Caucasians, men's eyes have a greater width-to-height ratio than women's, while women's eyes are rounder. This same sex difference has been found in Asians and Africans. Men's eyes are generally more horizontally narrow and have a higher width-to-height ratio, while women's eyes are rounder and have a lower width-to-height ratio. The sex of human skulls can also be identified based on whether the eye sockets are more round or more square.

Should you want Hunter Eyes?

While hunter eyes may be directly attractive to women, research on facial masculinity suggests that these features do not play a significant role in driving female evaluations of male attractiveness. However, individuals who are generally considered objectively attractive, such as male models, often have pronounced hunter eyes. Men with hunter eyes look highly dominant and threatening, with a piercing, predatory gaze. These eyes impart a distinctive look on those that bear them, suggesting they are generally considered to be highly attractive.

Hunter Eyes in Women:

Hunter eyes are also generally seen as an attractive feature among women, with many prominent actresses and female entertainers possessing this feature. In addition to being sexually attractive, hunter eyes in women may be associated with perceptions of greater sexual availability, possibly driving men's attraction to these women.

How to get Hunter Eyes:

I have written a detailed overview of how to get hunter eyes on this article.

Personal Story:

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