Butterfly bite and mewing

Mewing Chewing and Tongue Chewing

Mewing x Hard Chewing

What is mewing?

What is mewing?

Mewing is the action of the tongue pushing on the maxilla. It promotes horizontal and forward growth of the face. (Wider midface and projecting jawline). Not mewing entails having the tongue on the bottom of the mouth and possibly an open mouth.

Jaw muscle development

Get Jaw muscles

To improve your masseter muscle size you have to chew more and chew harder. Bigger masseters will pull the skin tighter and make your face seem hollow from the front and 3d (gonial angle showing) from the side.

Butterfly Bite

Mewing and chewing balance

All systems in your body are balanced. Your biceps has the triceps. The masseters have the tongue! While at rest (not chewing), as the masseters push down, the tongue pushes up. Its a delicate were at your natural state your teeth lightly touch. Neither clenching nor not touching. This is the normal resting position.

Balance Mewing and Hard Chewing

Mewing and hard chewing results

Balance it the key to a harmonious and handsome face!

Balance- It is easy to get carried away by the results you are seeing either by your mewing or by your chewing alone. It is important though to keep them BOTH in check. Developing the one while the other lacks will create imbalances in the long run!

What is Tongue Chewing?

What is tongue chewing?

Tongue Chewing  is a great way to strengthen your tongue to make mewing and correct posture easier. Instead of chewing the gum, you make a ball and you push it on the top of your palate. This exercise will help you increase your mewing results and will get you up to speed if you have only been chewing!

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