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Spartan Honey™

Spartan Honey™

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Raw Honey from the mountains of Greece.

We extract the honey from the honeycomb without any processing, in its purest form. That is why our honey is not heated at any stage of its production. We do this for reasons of conscience and philosophy.

Raw honey retains its nutrients that are lost to some extent in ordinary honey when heated. Second and very important is the pollen it contains. Raw honey contains a wide variety of nutrients. It has about 31 different minerals, 22 amino acids, and a wide range of vitamins and enzymes. However, nutrients are only present in trace elements.

It contains ~30 types of bioactive plant compounds which are called polyphenols and act as antioxidants.


Oak Honey: It is produced from the honeydew secretions of the oak tree (mainly the leaves) and results in a very dark, almost black, and fairly thick honey with a wonderful caramel flavor that crystallizes very slowly (over 12 months or 18 months).


Pine Honey:  It is collected in the virgin fir forests of Parnon in the South-East of the prefecture of Arcadia at altitudes of 800-1300 meters, in early summer (June to July). It is particularly viscous and never crystallizes due to its low glucose content.

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The Ancient “Spartan” Secret

❌ NO Chin implants
❌ NO Chin Fillers
❌ NO cosmetic augmentations

✅ It’s 100% natural and organic, harvested from Chios, Greece (The Country OF Spartans)

✅ A Natural Jaw Trainer to make you Feel & Look like a Spartan!

Mastic gum before and after

Results after one month.

You will see your cheeks hollow out like never before with the first results showing after 2-4 weeks.

Your jawline will be more visible, your face less puffy and your airways a lot more open!

If for whatever reason you are not getting results after 1 month we will refund your order in full!

How Does it work?

A lot of people try eating tougher foods, hoping for a significant change. 

Unfortunately, that is not a practical solution as no one actually wants to spend 4-6 hours/ day eating just to get a healthy bone structure, but here is the catch…

Chewing our Spartan’s Mastic Gum every day is a lot more practical where Mastic Gum is significantly (10x ) harder, as well as natural, offering a no-side-effects solution to your chewing problem compared to the normal unhealthy gum.