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Chewing gum for jawline

How to enhance your jawline by chewing gum


What are the masseters?

The masseters are the muscles that move your jaw. They are located on both sides of your face. You use them to chew and you can feel them right now by clenching your jaw. Due to their location, they directly influence your face aesthetics. (Green) masseter muscles

How masseter muscles change your face?

As these muscles sit on the edge of your jawline, their development will make your jaw instantly wider (more square). Also, as your the muscles develop, the skin under your jawline will be pulled tight, creating separation between your jaw and your neck!

brand pitt jawline

What is Wolff's Law

As a rule of thumb, bone density makes for an appealing face. Bone density is a thick browridge, large and pronounced jawline and cheekbones. Bone density increases when significant force is applied over time. That holds true for your jawline.Jeremy meeks jawline

Mastication forces

Hard gum before and after - Matt Stonie 


Matt Stonie young

Matt Stonie is a well known competitive eater. His job is to literally chew all day! At ~17 (top pic) he looked undefined, with a relatively narrow jaw and, unimpressive cheekbones. Looking at his progression over the years, change did not come fast...


Matt Stonie jawline

On the bottom pic (23 yo), you can see that chewing had a big effect on Matt's face! Aside from the bf % and growing up, his face is a lot more developed! His masseter muscles are significantly bigger and his bone structure noticeably heftier!

-My Self-


hard gum before

This is me in ~ March 2022, when I just started chewing mastic gum (hard gum) regularly. Its obvious that my jawline is not particularly defined. There is no clear separation between my jaw and neck and my masseter area is not pronounced at all.


hard gum after

This is me ~ 1 month ago. My mandible is clearly separated from my neck, chin is forward and masseters have taken on a lot more size. Tan aside, all other factors are constant, body fat might be slightly higher even (I have been bulking). The overall look is "stronger"!


How to use mastic gum

Basics: Hard chewing should be done using your molars.

  • You have to chew equally from both sides.

  • You should feel fatigue but no jaw joint pain!

  • Your cheek muscles should not be used.

  • Keep a natural pace.

Tips: Molars are the three sets of back teeth (annotated with blue) and humans are meant to do most of their chewing using them. Your cheek muscles are mainly activated when you suck and when you open your mouth wide. Keep a lip seal when chewing and move the gum with your tongue to avoid activating them!


How to chew hard gum



I started hard chewing using hard gum. First 30" a day with a natural pace, then after a few weeks I did 1 hour, and after that, I ramped it up slowly to two 2 hour sessions daily. I keep the pace natural and only go overboard when I chew while working out.


A lot of people suggest doing 5 seconds on one side and switching the gum to the other. I strongly disagree. Take 2 pieces of gum and put 1 on each side. Chewing that way is a lot harder (almost double the force needed for the same quantity of gum), and you don't need to constantly switch sides!


What is hard gum?

Hard gum is any kind of gum that is significantly harder that the regular gum you buy at the store. You can use regular gum but its effects are minimal as it is too soft to stimulate any significant growth. Our ancestors used to chew very hard foods for several hours a day.

Hard chewing Recommendation

What I use, and what prompted me to create this page and brand is mastic gum. Its a tree resign that is used as a natural gum where I live (Greece). Its ~10x harder than regular gum and its extremely durable (easily lasts trough my 4 hour daily sessions). Its untreated and contains 0 sugar or other additives.

Take a look at some quality mastic gum!

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