Mewing before and after

What is Mewing

What is mewing?

What all Handsome faces have in common.

So, What is Mewing?

The term "mewing" was coined by Dr Mew and it refers to the practice of correct tongue posture.

What is tongue posture?

Simply put, the position of your tongue while at rest. Normally, the tongue is lightly pressed on the roof of your mouth (called palate). That pressure over time helps expand your face horizontally and outwards. (figure 1)

What is wrong Wrong mewing Posture:

When the tongue is not pressed on the palate, the whole structure of the upper jaw is left unsupported. Over the long run, that creates a "droopy", long and narrow face with minimal jawline and cheekbone definition. (figure 2)

Mewing before and after

Why I can't do mewing?

How can my natural tongue posture be wrong?


1) The first one is mouth breathing. Its a very common problem nowadays, as a lot of people have allergies and general congestion due to modern life pollutants.

2) Forward head posture. Another common modern problem stemming from working in front of a desk, phone use, etch. That limits your tongue's reach preventing you from placing it on your palate.

Why I can not mew?

Can I mew as an adult?

Fortunately, the cranium is comprised of a large number of bones (22) and movement between them is possible. Providing your palate with enough support will slowly change their alignment and the overall structure of your face.

The above is not an overnight process and there are a lot of details to dive into. The important thing is, change is possible!

 Mewing Results

I will be exploring the subject of cranial restructuring further in the near future.

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