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Symmetrical Face and Fascia

How to get a symmetrical face using your fascia:

Why you should care about your fascia?

Getting back control over your Fascia will restructure your cranial bones (facial symmetry and expansion = Aesthetics), will improve your breathing and O2 intake, will unlock back chain dominance and will greatly assist with the elimination of compensations!


Let's see, what is Fascia:

What is Fascia?

Fascia is a thin, yet tough layer of connective tissue that covers almost the whole of your insides. It covers your muscles, ligaments and organs, creating a mess of interconnectivity across your body.

A lot of simplistic explanations will describe fascia as only the "white stuff", but in reality, it also covers your muscles, your scull, and even exists as a separation layer for the different compartments of your brain. There is 1 thing that is even more fascinating about Fascia, it can contract!

fascia of the body

Fascia of the body

Affects of fascia on posture

-"What do I care if it contracts?"


The fact that fascia can contract means it can, and is used as a muscle! "Sit up straight". You try, but after a few minutes you get tired. That is because your fascia, which is responsible for a big part of your posture, is not activated correctly! Fascia that is perpetually contracted is our problem: Lets examine the Back Chain.Fascia and posture

Big blocks of Fascia circled.

 What is the Back Chain?

Calves, Hamstrings, Glutes and Spinal Erectors. These are considered the major parts of your back chain. This is crap.


The back chain is called chain because it is a CHAIN. Of course these muscles play a major role, but what allows them to have continuous influence trough your whole body is fascia (right). The back chain is a continues structure starting at the soles of your feet and ending literally at the top of your head.Back chain musclesMuscles & Fasciafascia in the back chain

Fascia and Breathing

Your body breathes by expanding. When inhaling your pelvis is tilted down, your chest and neck up and your head back. The whole pattern is initiated by a small tug from you back chain. During exhalation, your back chain relaxes and your front cinches up.

Fascia's role in breathing


So what's the catch? Tightness. In its normal state, your fascia is relaxed and and it contracts when you breathe, move, etc.


The problem is when fascia becomes perpetually contracted. When your fascia is activated 100% of the time you lose the ability to relax it. Like having your bicep perpetually flexed, the normal functions where fascia plays a role (breathing, posture, Facial Symmetry😉) get disrupted.

How Fascia Tightness happens?

Perpetual contractions of the fascia happen due to physical reasons - like getting hit in the chest - but more importantly physiological reasons: The human body, when under stress, (fight or flight mode), tenses up in the front to protect its vital organs.

When you are stressed long term, or when you acutely experience great anxiety or pain (a very panful heartbreak for example), your body has a physical response of literally tightening up, mainly in the front part of the body (chest, stomach, etc). If the phycological pain is very deep, the tightness becomes chronic - your fascia gets permanently stuck in the contracted state, keeping the body from normal function. If only you could release that tension on command...

How to fix fascia tightness and why:

I lied. There is another thing you should know about fascia, the fact that it is almost as sensitive as your skin. Your fascia is what you feel when a part of your body is in pain (the sensory cells of the fascia activate).

In every day life, your brain completely tunes out any of your fascia sensation because it is useless to it. Noise. That noise is exactly what we want! If you regain the sensation of your fascia, you will also be able to relax the tensed up spots of it, which will in turn let you breath correctly (life changing), have good posture effortlessly, and most of all, fix your Facial Symmetry & get you Unstuck from your mewing plateaus by letting your fascial bones align properly and become able to expand!


In the next post you will learn how to regain sensation in your fascia and control it on demand, with a focus on your facial bones restructuring and achieving symmetry!


This is a lot of information, if you found anything difficult to understand, ask any questions in the comments!

Keep at it!


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