Gonial angle

How to get the Jawline and Gonial shadow

How to get the Jawline Gonial Shadow

What is the Gonial shadow?

It is the Shadow formed at the bottom of your jawline. As you can see in the first photo, it is non existent. Under normal circumstances, the gonial shadow is formed under the junction between the mandible and ramus, which is the widest part of the jaw. If the jaw is wide enough, the skin will get tight around it, wrapping underneath the jawline.


The presence of the gonial shadow on your face creates the perception of depth as well as definition, making your face objectively more attractive.

How to get the jawline-gonial shadow:

As discussed, the shadow is formed because the jawline is wider than the area underneath it and the skin is so tight, it wraps around the bone. What does that mean? You NEED a wide jaw to achieve it. The good news is, aside from the jawline bones which take a long time to remodel, you can also manipulate the masseter muscles (mastication muscles).

The masseter muscles sit exactly on top of the ramus-mandible junction and their hypertrophy leads to a wider face - tighter skin.

Gonial angle Transformation

For reference, these pictures are taken ~6 months apart at the same bodyfat%.

I chewed mastic gum religiously for several hours a day, masseter muscles started to protrude and cast a shadow beneath them, while also tugging on the skin, wrapping it under my jawline.


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