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Tongue Chewing and Mewing: Unveiling The Secret to a Chiseled Jawline and Hollow Cheeks with Mastic Gum

If you're on a quest for a wider face, defined jawline, and hollow cheeks, you've likely come across the practices of tongue chewing and mewing. In this article, we'll delve into these methods, focusing on how mastic gum can enhance their effectiveness.

A person practicing tongue chewing and mewing

Tongue Chewing: The Basics

Tongue chewing, as the name suggests, involves chewing with the tongue rather than the teeth. The practice targets the muscles in the face, neck, and jaw—specifically the masseter muscles—leading to a broader, more defined face and jawline.

Mewing: A Complementary Practice

Mewing, a technique developed by Dr. John Mew, involves proper tongue posture—pressing the entire tongue against the roof of the mouth. This posture stimulates the maxilla (upper jaw bone), leading to wider, more symmetrical facial features over time.

Mastic Gum: The Best Tool for Tongue Chewing and Mewing

Dr. Mew himself recommends mastic gum as the optimal choice for these practices.

How mastic gum works


Chewing mastic gum offers substantial resistance, providing a thorough workout for your facial muscles. This resistance promotes masseter hypertrophy (growth), leading to a more defined jawline and hollow cheeks over time.

Mastic gum is also a powerful tool for softening the sutures of the skull, accelerating facial remodeling when combined with tongue chewing and mewing.

Moreover, mastic gum is a natural, non-toxic resin, known for its numerous health benefits, including promoting oral health and aiding digestion.

Before and after chewing mastic gum

Conclusion: Embrace Tongue Chewing, Mewing, and Mastic Gum for a Dramatic Facial Transformation

When it comes to transforming your facial structure—widening your face, defining your jawline, and achieving hollow cheeks—tongue chewing and mewing are powerful techniques. However, their effectiveness is significantly enhanced when combined with mastic gum. Embrace these techniques with mastic gum for a dramatic, natural facial transformation.

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