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Mastic Gum vs Falim Gum for Jawline : What you should know!

A lot of people have been asking me this question so I decided to create this blog post to go in depth in each ones advantages and disadvantages! First things first, what is falim gum and what is mastic gum, and what kind of results can you expect from them😉 (at the end):

What is Falim Gum?

Falim gum is a popular kind of gum in Turkey. It has been around for ages but only recently it has become mainstream. It gained popularity in the mewing and looksmaxxing communities, mainly as a way to improve your jawline. Falim gum is artificial, like regular gum, with the advantage of being sugar free. That doesn't make it 100% safe though (Is Falim Gum Toxic?), as it contains some questionable ingredients.  

Advantages of Falim Gum for your Jawline

Falim gum has 3 main advantages:

  1. It is cheap.
  2. It is easily available.
  3. It offers lots of different flavors (beginner friendly).

Cheap: You can buy a pack (10pcs) of falim gum for a few bucks. You do have to use a lot of it though.

Available: Falim gum is widely sold online. Amazon has tens of listings offering very competitive prices. 

Variety: Falim gum is an artificial gum. It is produced using any flavor you can imagine! 

Disadvantages of Falim Gum 

Falim gum has 4 main drawbacks:

  1. Artificial product.
  2. Marginally harder than regular gum.
  3. Slightly toxic.
  4. Low durability.

Artificial: As stated before, falim is made in a factory just like all the other artificial gums floating around. Depending on your health and wellness values, that is a giant red flag. Me personally, I try to stay away from processed and artificial consumer goods.

Soft: If growing your jawline is your goal, you need sufficient resistance to stimulate masseter muscle growth. Unfortunately, falim is too soft (almost like regular gum), providing less than ideal resistance.

Toxic: Falim contains 2 synthetic antioxidants; E321 and Butyl hydroxytoluene. They're used to prevent the gum going rancid and to maintain its white color. These compounds are suspected of being highly toxic for the liver, kidneys and retina as well as elevating cholesterol levels

Durability: Falim, like most gums, has a very low durability. After 20-30 minutes of chewing with a natural pace, it goes softer and starts to dissolve. Also, the flavor goes away fairly quickly.

What is Mastic Gum?

Mastic gum is the tree resin (sap) of the Pistacia lentiscus tree. It is a natural product harvested on the island of Chios (Greece). It has picked up steam in the mewing and looksmaxxing community, like falim, as a tool to sharpen your jawline. In contrast to falim, mastic has a lot of other health uses too, being used all around the world for treating stomach ulcers, acid reflux, and cavity prevention.



Natural mastic gum

Advantages of Mastic Gum for your Jawline

Mastic has 4 key features:

  1.  Ten times harder that regular gum.
  2.  Durable - can be chewed for hours.
  3.  100% Natural, no additives!
  4.  Serious health benefits.

Hard: Mastic gum pieces are significantly harder to chew compared to normal gum, ~10 times harder!

Durability: Durability means a lot when we are talking about jawline development. as you will be chewing the same pieces for hours on end. Mastic not only doesn't get softer or dissolve over time, it actually get harder the more you chew it!

Natural: Mastic is the sap of the Pistacia tree, it is not processed after its harvest, it has no additives, it is completely raw and natural!

Health: Mastic gum has a lot of health benefits outside its looksmaxxing aspect. It is a complementary treatment for: ulcers, acid reflux, teeth decay and skin health among others.

Disadvantages of Mastic Gum 

Mastic gum is not perfect. Here is why: 

  1. Price
  2. Variability
  3. Lack of flavoring

Price: Mastic gum is more expensive than falim, with a monthly supply of mastic costing ~30$.

Variability: Due to its natural and unprocessed nature, mastic gum pieces are all different. Some smaller, some bigger, some softer, some harder.

Flavoring: For some people, flavor choice is important. Mastic comes in only one flavor, "natural"😊. Most people describe it as "earthy" and "eucalyptus like".


Mastic vs Falim: Results

I will let you decide on your own:

Mastic Gum Falim Gum
Hardness ✅ ❌
Durability ✅ ❌
Health ✅ ❌
Jawline Results ✅ ❌
Price ❌ ✅
Flavor ❌ ✅


In my humble opinion, Mastic is the winner here. You can check out my personal transformation here.

This is how my transformation is going so far:

Spartan Gum™ Before and After

For some Quality Mastic Gum click here.


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Couldn’t agree more with Will. You can use the same piece of Falim gum for days without it changing at all, and it is definitely hard enough for significant gains. If you wanted something harder to chew, you could get a Jawzrsize or Chisel (and even that will be cheaper than mastic), or you could just chew rocks for all I care. I wouldn’t recommend these options because you want a sweet spot of it being hard without leading to injury, and in my opinion, Falim is right in that sweet spot. Mastic gum, I’m not sure.

Regardless, ignore this article. The guy is straight up lying and is obviously just trying to sell his gum below.


this is incredibly bias. you called falim artificial, but all gum is mass produced in factories it doesn’t change much. it’s flavored with tree sap and that is possibly the best and healthiest way to take in gum. I get 100 prices of falim for 5-6 USD. and it quite literally lasts days, not 20/30 minutes as you think. don’t listen to this article.


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