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The Heroic Age

In Hesiod's Five Stages of Man, there is one generation that improves the lives of those that follow, all others tarnish their inheritance, or live in toil and misery.  

The heroic age, the time of the heroes of Troy and Thessaly and the Argonauts, was a time where the supranatural met the material and formed a culture of superhumans, not superheroes. The myths were of men who conducted themselves in accordance with higher principles, who yearned for adventure and conquest, who sought more.

There is a revival of this spirit of natural wonder, young men seek salvation from a life of toil and misery, of hollow work for hollow ends. They seek a return to the natural order, to a life worth living, lived well. 

Our ambassador network, the War Council, is the first of its kind. We are an international brotherhood of young men dedicated to this revival of the heroic spirit. The War Council has played an integral role in helping to connect our products and our member's wisdom with an ever growing audience.

Spartan Gum is just the beginning.

Ready to join the War Council?

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