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What is Mastic Gum?

Mastic gum is a natural tree resign (not a processed "modern" gum) with its origins rooted in the greek island of Chios. Farmers there have been harvesting mastic from the mastiha (Pistacia lentiscus). Mastic use is prevalent in a lot of places worldwide for its anti-bacterial and anti-microbial uses (mainly in China) and it's wide use as a dentist prescribed gum in the nordic countries. For our purposes, it will be used as a training tool for the jaw and airways...

Mastic gum harvest

Mastic gum harvest in Chios

Why do I need to work my Jaw muscles?


Our jaws were evolutionarily developed tens of thousands years ago to be able to handle the rough, low in calories diet of our ancestors. For a frame of reference, humans ~10.000 years ago used to chew on hard, dense foods like raw meat and tubers for 4-6 hours a day! This comes in great contrast to our modern diet which consists of high in calories, soft foods that keep us chewing for an average of 40 minutes a day. 

Smaller Jaws

The problem is, the human body has a "use it or lose it" rule. That is why, over the last ~150 years, the human skull, and especially jaw, has been getting a lot smaller and narrower. 

Why you should chew more

Ancient vs modern man's skull.

Why are smaller jaws a problem?

Smaller jaws leave less space for the teeth, tongue and airway, leading to crowded teeth, weak and reassessed jawlines and blocked airways (mouth breathing). These problems are extenuated when looking at indigenous tribes (Aboriginals) that made contact with the western way of life recently and abruptly:

Traditional vs modern diet results

Results of a soft, processed diet (right)

Mastic Gum

So, how does mastic gum help you combat the modern diet problem? A lot of people try eating tougher foods, hoping for a significant change. Unfortunately, that is not a practical solution as no one actually wants to spend 4-6 hours/ day eating just to get a healthy bone structure. What is a lot more practical is chewing gum everyday. Wheres normal gum is too soft (and has too many negative side effects), Mastic Gum is significantly (10x ) harder, as well as natural, offering a no-side-effects solution to your chewing problem!

 Mastic Gum Results

So, what can you expect out of some regular mastic gum chewing? Well, let me showcase my results:Mastic gum before and after

My results after 8 months of chewing😊.

These are my results after ~8 months of consistent mastic gum chewing. As you can see, my face underwent some serious changes! Jawline is a lot more pronounced, clear separation between jaw and neck, zero double chin and mandible slightly moved forwards!

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Mewing gum

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