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Why you are not Photogenic - Why you look bad in photos

You look at yourself in the mirror and believe you look decent. You don't look model-like (yet), but you are not that bad. How can you look so bad in photos then? 

I have wondered the same for years. My face was a mess but not enough of a mess to justify the seer disaster that I saw when I participated in a group photo. 

The awkwardness was palpable. 


Symmetry is one of those things you don't notice right away in person. When someone is talking to you, moving around, constantly changing their body language and engaging you in conversation its very hard to keep an eye on whether their face is symmetrical. That's true for your self too. When you look in the mirror, you concentrate on specific parts of your face, you are moving, changing angles constantly, etc. Your analyze specific parts but never the whole face for symmetry. Your left and right sides might look good on their own but nothing like each other. 

How to fix Symmetry

You can fix both soft tissue and bone asymmetries naturally. It will take you some hard work though. Read up here if you are interested. 

Looking Awkward in Photos

Other than your symmetry, you still look extremely awkward in your pictures. All your friends seem to be fine, having fun, making faces, but you look like a fish out of water. Just by looking at the pic someone can sense you are not comfortable taking it. This has nothing to do with your looks. No matter how good/bad you look, looking awkward will ruin your photos every time. 

Why you look awkward in photos

Because you are not comfortable in your skin. Because you secretly hate yourself. I bet that if I gave you the opportunity to become anyone in this world (body & mind) you would choose someone in a heart beat. You dislike your existence, not only due to your looks (which can be changed) but also because of your personality. You told yourself you are going to hit the gym and didn't. You told yourself you are going to start a side hustle and gave up. You told yourself you are going to speak to that beautiful girl and never did. Of course you hate yourself. If you hate yourself you can never look good in pictures. It will always show as forced and awkward. Furthermore, you are constantly afraid. You have close to zero real world experiences (start a bussiness, get into 10 relationships, get knocked out, etc) that the world seems unknown and scary. When you have experienced nothing, everything seems unknown-therefore dangerous. The fear is visible in your eyes. 

How to not look awkward in photos

Its simple. You have to stop hating yourself and stop being afraid. Its not a swithch though. You have to put in the work. You have to go out there and make yourself trully uncomfortable. When you trully step out of your comfor zone it expands. When it expands, day to day life will stop intimidating you + you will start to take pride in yourself for being brave enough to step out of it. After a few months, even days if you are determined enough, your face will change. Your expressions, your gestures, your body language, everything about you will different. The base of your existense will be solid and strong. A group photo will not be able to intimidate you. 



About a year ago, after years of not getting significant facial changes, I cracked the looksmaxing code. 

Chewing to look better

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