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Spartan Bee Pollen™

Spartan Bee Pollen™

Natural Bee Pollen

This natural Testosterone booster from the roughest mountains of Crete has multiple health benefits. For me, the main reasons I use it are:

  • Its effects as an aromatize inhibitor (more Testosterone!).
  • The immune system benefits
  • Anti-stress and anti-inflammation properties, and
  • Metabolism and muscle-mass upregulation

Bee Pollen contains chrysin, a flavonoid with strong aromatase inhibition effects. Aromatase is an enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen. Bee Pollen stops the conversion of, making more of your testosterone available for your body to utilize. Rat studies found an average increase in testosterone of 46%!


I have personally relied on bee pollen on some of the most stressed periods in my life and it managed to keep me healthy, energetic, and functioning at 100% at the most unforgiving of circumstances!

Get your Gains and Existense to the next level with Bee Pollen! 

How to use

I recomend 1 -2 tablespoons dailly, mixed with yougurt and honey, added in sauces, salads, etch.

Refund policy

We stand for what we offer!

If after 1 months of regular use (we trust you to be honest) you are not satisfied with your results, you will be refunded in full. Just send up an e-mail at Don't forget to include your order number!

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Mastic gum before and after

Results after one month.

You will see your face fill out like never before with the first results showing after 2-4 weeks.

Your jawline will be more visible, your face less puffy and your airways a lot more open!

If for whatever reason you are not getting results after 1 month we will refund your order in full!