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How to get hunter eyes

Hunter Eyes :

Spartan Gum™ Hunter Eyes (⏪ How I got Hunter eyes😎)

What are hunter eyes?

 It's a phrase indicating eyes that are deeper set in the skull, have no visible sclera, are relatively thin, have a positive canthal tilt, and overall attractive. They look like the "eyes of a predator". Dangerous and seductive.
 what are hunter eyes
Now that you have a sense of what hunter eyes are, we will walk through the factors that influence your eye area attractiveness and the process of getting hunter eyes together. 

Eye bags

What are Eye Bags?

Its when the skin under the eyes has a dark, bruised-like color. Their presence makes a face appear tired and low energy. So, What causes eye-bags? Mainly fluid build-up. When the hair-thin blood vessels that supply the area are not drained properly, fluid builds up in the soft tissue, making the area dark and puffy.

Causes of eye bags

The 1st reason for poor drainage is nasal congestion. We all know the feeling of fluid build up when we have a stuffy nose. For chronic eye bags though, your bone structure is to blame. When the bones that hold up the eyes are not developed enough, the soft tissue supporting the eye sags. We will talk about this later.
(What you can do about it)
*The yellow bone is called maxilla, it is responsible for most of the under eye support. When it is not adequately developed, the soft tissue around the eyes sags and the fluid drainage is poor, resulting in dark eye circles.

Scleral Show

What is Scleral show

Sclera is the white part of your eye, the part around your Iris. The problem arises when sclera shows up under your iris. Scleral show eludes to being tired, underslept and generally exhausted. For a strong healthy look, you want to avoid scleral show at all costs.What  is sclera
Causes of scleral show
Once again, the predominant factor for scleral show is under-eye support by the bottom orbital bones (mainly maxilla). When there is not enough support, the lower eyelid "droops" down. We will explore the ways to improve your maxillary support below.
(What you can do about it)
 Scleral show
*Scleral show

Canthal Tilt

What is canthal tilt

Canthal tilt is the angle your eyes make. A positive angle makes for a serious, "dangerous" look, a dominant characteristic you want to have. A negative angle makes you look soft, harmless and weak. Here are some examples:

negative canthal tilt

*Negative canthal tilt

What is positive canthal tilt

*Positive canthal tilt

What causes negative canthal tilt

As we demonstrated so far, the maxilla (and zygomatic bones) are the supports of the eye orbital. Good support from this structure (forward-grown, wide face) makes the eyes positively tilted. Poor support makes the whole face turn down and the angle negative.

(How it works)

Positive canthal tilt example

*Positive canthal tilt example: Eye angle is pointing inwards, eye-area looks attractive.

All bad traits congregate

The hard thing to swallow is, most bad traits congregate. If you were mindful in the previous paragraphs, you noticed a common factor in all of the above problems. Poor under-eye support stemming from the Maxilla and Zygomatic bones, leads to all of the above problems.

Good news

If under-eye bags, sclera show, and canthal tilt, all stem from the same bone structure weakness, then you can get 3 birds with one stone! If only there was a way to develop your maxilla and zygomatic bones, you could change the way you look dramatically!


How to get Hunter Eyes

The goal is to develop your maxilla and zygomatic bones forwards and outwards. We want the bone structure to act as a "shelf" for your eye area, an outwards support vector to the soft tissue to rest on. Ok but...

How do I change my bone structure?

Contrary to popular belief, the skull is not a solid piece of bone. It is comprised of several smaller bones with the ability for significant movement. That means we can change the relative position of said bones to our favor. The maxilla is not grown outwards and forwards when it is not supported enough. For that we will use two tools: Mewing and Hard-Chewing.

Change the maxilla

We need to develop the maxilla forwards and outwards. The maxilla bone bottom part is actually the roof of your mouth. By applying enough pressure to the roof of your mouth, overtime, the maxilla is remodeled favorably. So, what could apply a constant upwards force?

Maxilla and the tongue

Fortunately, you got all you need right in your mouth. Your tongue will do all the work you need. Most people, when at rest, keep their tongue on the roof of their mouth, leaving the maxilla unsupported, letting it grow smaller (bad). We want the tongue to rest on the roof of your mouth, constantly applying a light force to it!

How to do mewing  *How to mew correctly

Mewing routine

At first, this practice will not come naturally. You will have to constantly "remind" yourself to do it. On the long run though, it will become second nature. Remember, you do not need to apply an unnatural amount of force! 

Bellow you can see my (@spartqangum on Instagram) results after ~1 year of mewing plus hard chewing. The bags under my eyes are significantly reduced and my eye tilt is turning more positive. These are not the final results, I will be doing both practices for the foreseeable future and I am expecting a lot more out of them!

mewing for Hunter eyes


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