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How to stick to a diet

My fat to fit story

When I was a little kid, I used to eat too much junk food. I loved chips, chocolate, pizza, soft drinks and everything related to that lifestyle. I was overweight, but people older than me used to say that it's not a problem, because "the kid is in development”, and “kids in development can eat as much as they please". Or "he will get taller and slimmer naturally". Of course, it was very comfortable for me, because I just hated being disciplined.

However, when I turned 15, I started feeling bad about being overweight. I was lucky enough to make a new friend who was obsessed with fitness and working out. He was a huge guy and going to the gym was his only passion. As you understand, he didn't try much to make me follow his lifestyle.

So I started going to the gym. Although my muscles got stronger, the fat was there to remind me that more changes needed to be made.

I started researching everything about fat burning. Most diets I came across were either ridiculously restrictive or too permissive.

Unsustainable Restrictive Diets 

Deep inside I felt that both paths were unsuitable for me. I was sure that changes had to be permanent. I decided to eliminate every food that was not beneficial. Firstly I removed sweets and soft drinks. I was really adamant about it and even when somebody offered me I politely refused.

Gradual Elimination Diet

Gradually I stopped eating junk food completely but continued to eat whatever else I wanted. Due to the fact that I was consuming far fewer calories, I started losing a lot of fat. And I didn't regain it back, because I was loyal to my not-to-eat list. Also, with the help of an experienced dietitian, I learned more about which foods are beneficial and why, so I optimized my eating habits.


I was lucky enough to understand that temporary restrictive diets wouldn't bring me good results. Diet is a mindset and it takes time to change. Great results come from great habits, not from temporary solutions.

Now that you have the tools to go on a healthy diet long term, you are ready to know How to Increase your Metabolism!

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