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How to get more Testosterone

Positive Mindset & Testosterone

When you are enjoying what you are doing, your Testosterone increases. Actually. Measurably. Backed by studies. 

But what if you PRETEND to enjoy what you are doing?

That works too! It works to an extent that can counter severe testosterone inhibitors like sleep deprivation!

I could sit here, present you with all the scientific evidence. Buuut, I got something better😊.


Really, why? 

Why would you CHOOSE to view a situation, a situation that you are either forced extrinsically or a situation you forced upon yourself as negative? 

Negative Mindset & Testosterone

Negative feelings MESURABLY decrease testosterone!

Simplest example is work. I hate the 9-5. I have worked a bunch of them though. I was a server, barman, salesman, programer, you name it. I hated all of these jobs, I hated having a boss, etc. You know what I did every morning though? I went in there with a SMILE. 

I knew that being miserable about a situation the is not going to change by me being miserable is self-destructive. 

Meaning & Suffering

Of course, to be able to do that, you have to attach meaning to your suffering. For me, when I was 18 and got my first job, the meaning was that I wanted life experience, I WANTED it to suck so I get tougher. After that, it was getting money to act on my business ideas, and so on. 

This does not apply to work only. It applies to EVERY aspect of life. If you are able to find meaning, a silver lining, a lesson from the shity things you are going through, life becomes INFITETLY better. 

Not pitying yourself for being in a bad situation is a superpower!

You are the hero. And the hero needs a character arc. From rock bottom to the top. Building on the life lessons he got on his way. 

Choose to view life as a gift.

This sift makes gives you energy, power, and quit literally TESTOSTERONE. When others get beaten down, you are left unaffected. Your spirit intact, more formidable than ever. 

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If you pity yourself

I pity you. 


If your mind is not your B/tch

You are the B/tch of your Mind.


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