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Get a stronger & more pronounced Jawline.
Spartan Gum will bring visible results within 1 month.

Enhance your facial features naturally with SpartanGum™. Chewing daily sculpts your jawline, tightens skin, freshens breath, and promotes optimal maxilla growth for a wider palate and larger airways.

Spartan Gum™ is more than just a gum—it's a stepping stone to a healthier, more confident you. Crafted from 100% natural ingredients (the sap of the pistacia lentiscus tree), it's your number-one ally for achieving both looks and function. Start your journey today!

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Choose-Your-Pack Guide

  • 😀Beginner: 1 pack - An excellent entry point for newcomers. Test things out and begin your journey toward facial fitness.
  • 😎Intermediate: 2 packs - Perfect for regular chewers. With continued use, witness notable improvements in your facial structure that'll leave others wondering.
  • 🤯Advanced: 5 packs - Tailored for those fully committed to their transformation. This pack is designed to deliver fast, visible results for those ready to accelerate their progress!
  • 🦍Ancestral: 10 packs - For the ones aspiring to imitate the chewing patterns of our forefathers. Newcomers are advised to tread carefully!

How it works

How does Spartan Gum™ improve your looks? It's simple:

Muscle Definition: Like any other muscle of your body, your masseter, temporalis, lateral pterygoid, and medial pterygoid (the muscles that move your jaw) can get bigger.

Maxilla Widening: Regular chewing of Spartan Gum™, coupled with correct tongue posture (a practice known as mewing), expedites the widening of the maxilla. This process improves your facial structure and alignment, contributing to a more symmetrical and appealing appearance.

The bigger they get, the more defined, angular and symmetrical your face will look!

How to use

  • Beginner: Start by chewing SpartanGum™️ for about 20 minutes every other day. Use two pieces at a time, allowing you to get accustomed to the unique texture and resistance of the gum.
  • Intermediate: Daily chewing for about 30 minutes using four pieces of SpartanGum™️ helps to promote hypertrophy and facilitates a stronger, more defined jawline.
  • Advanced: For the seasoned mastic gum user, taking the routine to the next level involves daily chewing for an hour using 6-8 pieces of SpartanGum™️.
  • Beyond: To emulate the chewing patterns of our ancestors, engage in prolonged chewing sessions of up to 4-6 hours a day.


Gathered from the bark of the mastiha tree, Spartan Gum™ is a natural, unprocessed resin with no additives, sugars or fillers!

Spartan Gum™ is vegan, sugar and alcohol free and of course contains no petro-chemicals & micro-plastics.


We ship world-wide and straight out of Greece, ensuring the best, freshest harvest every time! Due to shipping being international, it usually takes a few more days than domestic.

Refund policy

If after 1 month of regular use you are not satisfied with the product, you will be refunded in full no questions asked!

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Why  SpartanGum?


Jaw Workout

Chewing Spartangum gives your four primary jaw muscles—the masseter, temporalis, lateral pterygoid, and medial pterygoid—a full workout.


No Double Chin

The increased muscle size pulls the skin under your jaw tight, combating the effects of aging and covering for any extra fat you might be carrying😉.


Sharp Jawline

Tight skin creates a crisp separation between your jaw and your neck giving off that sharp jawline look.


Hollow Cheeks

The increased width of the lower jaw creates a convex shape in the cheek area, leading to the number one most recognized model facial feature.


Minimized Water Retention

Hard chewing mobilizes stagnant fluids in the nasal and under-eye area getting rid of the dreaded "puffy-face" look. A prerequisite for prominent and well-defined features.


Fresh Breath

Chewing Spartangum tightens the skin and freshens the breath while promoting the optimal growth of the maxilla, a wider palate, and larger airways.


Gut Health

Mastic gum may relieve digestive issues by exhibiting prebiotic effects and promoting beneficial gut bacteria growth.


No Plastics - No Chemicals

Pure jaw sculpting with a single, 100% natural ingredient. No gimmicky silicone devices or synthetic micro-plastic chewing gums needed.

Side profile benefits:

The lack of definition in your jawline is due to excess skin underneath, which results from underdeveloped facial muscles. By regularly training these muscles, you increase their size and tighten the skin under your jawline, ultimately achieving a clear, distinct separation between your jaw and neck.

Front view benefits:

From a front view, the benefits are equally important. As your masseter muscles grow, you will lose the roundness or oval shape of your face. The lower third of your face will become equal in width to the middle part, creating a more square and masculine appearance. Additionally, the prominence of your developed masseter muscles will give your cheeks a convex shape and the coveted "hollow cheekbones" effect.

Spartan Gum™ - Spartan Health™

How Does it work?

How does SpartanGum™ improve your looks? It's simple:

Muscle Definition: Like any other muscle of your body, your masseters (the muscles that move your jaw) can get bigger.

Maxilla Widening: Regular chewing of Spartan Gum™, coupled with correct tongue posture (a practice known as mewing), expedites the widening of the maxilla. This process improves your facial structure and alignment, contributing to a more symmetrical and appealing appearance.

The bigger they get, the more defined, angular and symmetrical your face will look!

  • Results & Expectations

    -Q: What caliber of results can I expect?

    -A: Your jawline will become square, your neck will be distinctly separated from your jaw.

  • Age

    -Q: I am over 40, can I benefit from SpartanGum™?

    -A: Yes, the same as anyone else. Facial muscle growth is not limited by age and neither is suture pliability!

  • Body Fat %

    -Q: What if I am overweight?

    -A: Fat on your face reduces definition. Building up the underlying structure will still make you look better even without losing weight!

  • Recessed Jawline

    -Q: My jawline is recessed significantly, will this help me?

    -A: Yes. The forces generated + proper tongue posture will make a major difference!

  • Effort

    -Q: How much work do I need to put in?

    -A: Given that you can practice hard chewing while going about your day, you just have to remember to chew 3+ times a week.

  • Timeframe

    -Q: When will I see results?

    -A: You will notice changes in your first week, You will achieve your goal in 2-6 months.

  • Will I get results from just 1 order?

    Yes! Especially if you go with Intermediate+ you will get noticable results from one order!

  • Results Permanence

    -Q: Do I need to continue chewing after I achieve my desired results?

    -A: The bulk of your results are permanent (~80%), even if you stop forever. If you plan to stop, slightly overshoot your goal.

  • Ingredients

    SpartanGum™ is a 100% natural, unprocessed, product with no additives, sugars, fillers or artificial colors!

    SpartanGum™ is vegan, sugar and alcohol free and is compatible with low carb diets.

  • Taste

    SpartanGum™ has a mild, minty, earthy aroma & flavor that lasts for hours without getting depleted.

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