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The Back to School Season is back!

Alas, The time we all have been dreading has finally come, The time we take back our responsibilites, we shove our summer gear somewhere inside a closet, as merely looking at them reminds us that there will be a full year before summer returns. It's the time that we all get to return to our work and/or School. Where we get to see people we spend a big portion of our life with just because they are all in the same building you are. The BACK TO SCHOOL SEASON is upon us. Now, while for some this season might not change a lot, for the majority of people including myself, means a change to the lifestyle you got used to while on vacations, it means learning about people's summer and perhaps silently, gossiping with your closer classmates, about how much X person changed over the summer...Well I have a question for you...
What if everyone was talking about how much YOU have changed over the summer, about your stronger and sharper jawline. Perhaps, even your Crush comments on that (as a strong jawline is a sign of a healthy person, leading to looking more attractive). Everybody will be troubled about how you did it, and no one will know your secret, how over the course of summer you decided to better yourself and you found just the product to help you with that, of course im talking about Spartan Health's Natural Mastic gum. I know that this might sound like a shameless promotion, but I promise you guys I've used the product myself, I've reccomend it to multiple friends and family and they all told me the same thing "It was perhaps the fastest change to their jawline that they had ever seen while also not realising they were working it out" Even people who have used Similar products, like that rubber thing you would put in your mouth and vigorously try and bite it, always looking like an idiot. Whereas, chewing Spartan Health's mastic gum, is natural, with great taste and multiple health benefits which I might just mention.Although, I will not go over too many details, as this is not the point of the article, the point being, how with a strong mentality, a heartache or two and of course Spartan Health by myside, I went from not being noticed to walking into a room and having all eyes on me and all that over the course of a Summer. I went from dreading BACK TO SCHOOL days to looking foward for them! Nevertheless, I believe, we should start from the very begining.
It all started 4.543 billion years ago when our planet was first formed...wait thats way too back, let's fast foward a bit. Early Spring of 2021, A whole year after the pandemic started and everything was moving quite slow. Although, as a student and part time employ myself, I knew that around this time, things would get busy...perhaps, too busy. Now I've always been kinda of a chubby guy, I love working out ( I've been doing martial arts for a long time), however, I lack motivation and usually need someone to push me out of my comfort zone, in hindsight, I could just say im Lazy...VERY LAZY. I Consider myself to be a solid 5 on looks but my personality makes it a 7? perhaps? Just go with it. Nonetheless, back then, I used to be in relationship, with low responsibilities due to the pandemic slowing down everything and if I dare say quite happy with my life!
Everything changed however, when the fire nation attacked...wait thats not right this isnt the last airbender, It did kinda feel like someone attacked my lifestyle though. As, my army enlisting time had come. (in Greece, every male from the age of 18 to 35, is obligated to serve some time in the army, how much time changes over the years, I was there for a year.) Now, I won't go into much details of that period of my life, I'll just say it was tought but more fun that i thought, I learned a few things both about the world and myself and made some great friends hopefully, for life! I am fully aware I've been rumbling so far, but trust me it all plays a role. Now during my time in the army, I broke up with my then GF (distance and relationships dont go well together) Which lead to me losing my desire to keep in shape or even try at all...until one day, out of the blue, a friend of mine comes to the island I was stationed for vacations and we decide to meet up for old times sake...Now I hadnt seen that guy for ages, however, I remember him being a normal looking guy, nothing that will draw any attention to him, you know what Im talking about right? like a non memorable face? Anyways, we meet up and as I see him, i struggle to recognize him, not only was he fit AF but his biggest transformation was his JAW. Man I swear I'd remeber someone with such a strong and well shaped Jaw, so naturally I asked him about it over coffee, What he did next, changed my life forever, He took a box out filled with Mastic gum and gave to me, his only instructions being "Chew this everyday for a month, It did wonders for me" At first, I didnt, believe him, I knew about Mastic Gum, had even tried it before but my brain could not comprehend how would this tiny piece of Gum help me?
He must have sensed my doubts, since he challenged me to use it for a month, if i dont see any results then he's buy me a beer and since while in the army money is tight, I gladly accepted what i thought would be a free beer...boy was I wrong.
Naturally, I did what any sensible person would do and I googled the benefits and drawbacks of Mastic gum and what I found out Shocked me!
Not only does mastic gum have no drawbacks, as it is a natural resin, It also has numerous health benefits, which I will list off just to make your life easier.
So here are the Benefits of Mastic Gum!
⦁ It helps relieve digestive issues
⦁ It helps clear H. pylori bacteria
⦁ It helps treat ulcers
⦁ It may help ease symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)
⦁ It helps lower cholesterol
⦁ It helps promote overall liver health
⦁ It helps prevent cavities
⦁ It helps treat symptoms of allergic asthma
⦁ It may help prevent prostate cancer
⦁ It may help prevent colon cancer
Now all of the above, are after published medical results which I encourage you, to research for yourself, I could add the studies but that will result in a different type of article.
I would also like to point our some of the effects that chewing Mastic gum that I noticed.
Firstly, Let's start with the fact that while pieces of mastic gum may seem tiny, I assure you they are 10x times harder that a regular chewing gum, which I noticed quite early on, as my jaw was constantly working out, leading to the type of muscle ache you get when you haven't excersice for a while. Later on I found out, after continiously researching about it that Mastic gum, due to its hardness can lead to the Hypertrophy of the masseters muscle group, leading to the getting stronger and bigger. Which is exactly what happened to me, I noticed it within the first two weeks and got my first compliments two weeks after that, more on tha later. I could actually feel my jaw stronger, my confidence was increased and somehow, I would find myself motivated to work out more and look after myself, make myself a priority, you know?
In addition, I also noticed that, I was not eating as much as I would or to be more precise, my cravings for sugary treats or /and stress eating was gone,I no longer needed excessive amounts of food just to have a small dopamine boost, which of course led to a much needed weight loss.
Lastly, and in my opinion most importantly, I stopped smoking without even realising it. Here I should mention, that smoking especially in the army is a common and somehow needed activity. When you are confined in a space with always someone over your shoulder and minimum free time, you need something to take the edge off. Well like most so was I a HEAVY smoker, and i mean that with every sense of the word, I would smoke 2 packs per day easily and would still look for more cigarretes. It was as if i was addicted to it, which I kinda was... BUT Mastic Gum "saved" me. It's natural after taste made smoking taste horrible. Imagine having such a wonderfull, natural taste in your mouth, one that opens up your breathing airways and you can finally breathe properly and then killing all the with the taste of a cigarrette, Horrendous, I say.
Surely, After a month, passed by, my amazing friend came and I had to admit that I lost the bet, I was in a better shape, with a stronger and better looking Jawline, (which trust me it didnt go unnoticed by many) and generally was feeling much healthier and more motivated. So I bought him a beer, admitting my defeat. That's when he handed me over 3 more packs and told me to keep it up.
Keep it up, I did, Months passed by like flies and I was still highly motivated, feeling Stronger and much more importantly healthier. So the time for me to go back to reality came, the "BACK TO SCHOOL" period came and I know that I was going to go to school for at least 3 more months, however, thats how it felt, as now I would meet old friends and people who Havent seen me for a whole year. That's when I got the biggest, confidence boost, I have ever had. The very minute I landed and family and friends came to pick me up from the airport, I was showered with compliments, saying things like "Damn, the army made you into a man" or "Dude, I didnt even recognize you" and to be honest, I was feeling changed, I was feeling, for a lack of a better word, a Man a Strong Man. My very first night out, I had girls hit on ME, yes me, needless, to say that was a first for me and im not gonna lie, it felt FANTASTIC!

That's when I decided, that, Mastic Gum was a gift to the world, a gift well-known in ancient times but lost as time passed by, a gift that if used correctly can give you all the benefits that it gave me ( better shaped Jawline, Weight Loss, quit smoking) and so much more.
So along with my friend we started Spartan Health with our goal being to help all the young people that were experiencing similar troubles like us (my friend has his own Story with similar problems that led him to Mastic Gum). So if you are someone who is just getting ready for the BACK TO SCHOOL season with the "same shit, different day mentality", If you are someone who lacks confidence and wants to finally get it, Someone who has trouble losing weight due to their cravings, someone who cant stop smoking, someone who got his heart broken and wants a change, well my friend Spartan Gum is the change you need. I know that I am simply a stranger on the internet, however, I need you to hear that I was were you are, I was without motivation, always stress eating or smoking, I was always hard on myself, overthinking all my flaws and why it didnt work out with said person and a Simple product like Spartan Health's helped me change my life, my attitude and my health.
We hope it does the same to you...NO we know it, you just have to do the hardest part and put in the effort! Have a lovely BACK TO SCHOOL season guys and girls and remember its your time to impress them!
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