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A Natural Jaw Trainer!

An all natural jaw trainer that will define your jawline from the 1st month!

10x Stronger than regular chewing gum.

Raw Mastic Gum from Chios, Greece

How it works?

Our Mission

Breath Better - Look Better

‣This is the premise of our brand, helping you navigate a world were looks matter, while being mindful of the underlying cause of good looks which is optimal health.

‣Mastic gum will help you achieve a functional airway which yields a great impact on your facial aesthetics!

‣We will help you achieve the Health and Look you where meant to have!


Why  SpartanGum?


Jaw Workout

Chewing Spartangum gives your four primary jaw muscles—the masseter, temporalis, lateral pterygoid, and medial pterygoid—a full workout.


No Double Chin

The increased muscle size pulls the skin under your jaw tight, combating the effects of aging and covering for any extra fat you might be carrying😉.


Sharp Jawline

Tight skin creates a crisp separation between your jaw and your neck giving off that sharp jawline look.


Hollow Cheeks

The increased width of the lower jaw creates a convex shape in the cheek area, leading to the number one most recognized model facial feature.


Puffy Face

Hard chewing mobilizes stagnant fluids in the nasal and under-eye area getting rid of the dreaded "puffy-face" look. A prerequisite for prominent, well-defined features.


Fresh Breath

Chewing Spartangum tightens the skin and freshens the breath while promoting the optimal growth of the maxilla, a wider palate, and larger airways.


Gut Health

Mastic gum may relieve digestive issues by exhibiting prebiotic effects and promoting beneficial gut bacteria growth.


No Plastics - No Chemicals

Pure jaw sculpting with a single, 100% natural ingredient. No gimmicky silicone devices or synthetic micro-plastic chewing gums needed.

What we are known for:

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